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My web camera does not work

Hi guys,

When you try to open your laptop camera and it is unresponsive or does not work well

NO problem, here are certain things we have stated below so you can change to open it.

First and foremost -> check whether you have closed the camera lid in your laptop since most of your laptop has it for privacy.

slide the lid so that your camera will On.

If still your device camera is not fuctioning then

Open the settings -> camera setting -> and check wether camer access is on

if not give access.

If still it doesnot work ... Dont worry

Go to -> Device manager

and click your integreated camera and right click it.

And scan for hardware and Integrated camera will be installed.

If still doest work , check your antivirus whether you have installed is blocking , and change the changes.

If still doesnt work its better to buy or use the simple web camera and connect through USB port.

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