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Life is just a lesson. Learn the way it needs to be learnt!

Updated: May 4

Each and everyone in this planet do have a peaceful life. But, depending upon one's comfort zone, they make their life complex.

Life gives you make positive things, but what we do is , instead of feeling those things, we stay at our comfort zone and make it very complicated.

There comes the MOTIVATION!

Motivation comes when you feel down about yourself. You feel down about your as you stay at your comfort zone. Taking risks is the major goal of our life. If you take risk now, the better your life is going to be. It all depends on how you deal it.

You must have noticed, when you try to do something you like, but later it's not yours. In that case, life gives you clues on how to tackle it. Those are quite bigger steps , but leads to a peaceful life.

Major drawback of SELF MOTIVATION is considering or feeding in our brains with other people views or suggestions. That's not what you call self motivation. Self motivation is the one which makes you get clear with your views or goals and it's just a support to keep going.

We say, life throws many stones . Have you ever thought, why it throws stones? It's because, previously, we never follow your life path. So, that's why it's throwing as many stones as possible.

Each other life travel book is different. It's not the same for everyone. You have to read that book, follow the paths or instructions and reach the destination. The destination is the place where you land up being the successful and happiest person in your life. This destination can be your personal goals or career goals. The key to be successful in life is the learning you get while following the instructions in your own travel book.

Successful person donot only focus on career or personal goals, also concentrate on one's health. Just make out time for yourself where you enjoy doing those things (excluding your "personal or career goals"). Just laugh out. Just be happy. Make others happy too. In turn, leads you to take up good decisions in life to be successful.

Never let go of your spirit!

Keep going!

When you reach your goals, look back and make a smile that you have undergone such beautiful paths to have a beautiful life overall.

Life is just once...Make it happier!!! Make it with more peace!!

The more happier you are, the more successful you would be....

Life is just a lesson, learn the way, it needs to be learnt!!!

Have a happy start.. 🫰

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